A Roadmap for Millennials

A Roadmap for Millennials

“Stand up! Be counted!” These are the rallying calls of the motivated and civic-minded young kids — often referred to as millennials — of our country. Their first target? None other than the National Rifle Association (“NRA”,) one of the biggest Goliaths out there. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m impressed. For too long, recent generations have stayed silent while the wealthiest of this nation have ramped up their grotesque money and power grab.

However, I have some sobering news for these wonderful upstarts, the NRA will be just the first bloated Goliath to defeat. Frankly, the NRA should be the easiest as their intolerance and inflexibility present significant liabilities for them. Indeed, there are two much more entrenched and corrupted giants rigging the system: The Constitution and the Federal Reserve. Remember, the Constitution was written by an elite group of property owners to concentrate economic power. Make no mistake about it, the founding fathers created a representational democracy designed to defend and support the primacy of individual property rights.

“The system has been designed to protect property over personal rights, and the very future of our country depends on changing that.” — Optimizing America

The rise of the middle class lulled a large swath of the voting blocs to sleep. Yet, the loss of this whole segment of our economic structure has brought the millennial’s grim economic future into focus: their own wealth prospects are being shut out by an exceedingly high cost of living and a whittling of the workforce.

“Only when we eliminate lobbyists will we truly take our country back.” — Optimizing America

To obtain a decent job (pay rent, bills and bit of disposable income) a young American needs a four-year bachelor’s degree. Adding to the despair, the World Bank estimates that, within the next twenty years, up to 57% of the world’s jobs face the prospect of automation. Plus, these same folks are faced with the Uberization of America — the intensification of the gig economy — which strips away many of the critical health and retirement benefits. Also, thanks to the fiat dollar, even when this young generation finds themselves in position to secure a mortgage they’ll find themselves tangled in a potential web of financial ruin.

“A constitution should serve you, not oppress you.” — Optimizing America

None of this is by accident. Those with wealth control the government apparatus through lobbying, which really amounts to legalized bribery. As we argue over the legality of AR-15’s, the wealthy write and pass laws through their henchman, the lobbyists. And here’s the kicker, the average citizen must wait 2, 4, or 6 years to toss out an elected official, but being a lobbyist allows for daily access to change. Let’s get back to those crusading kids. They have the right idea, but their NRA focus — while important — won’t make for lasting change. To ensure wider and effective meaningful change, they will need to transform the Constitution to place personal rights over property rights. In fact, they could earn the title “The Greatest Generation Ever” if they can fix America’s fundamental problems.

When they do conquer the Constitution, they can then take on the most lethal tool in the arsenal of America’s wealthiest, The Federal Reserve — an elite organization of banks that controls an entire economic system and oppresses the remaining 99% of America through limitless lending. And how can the so called lazy and loafing youth of our country defeat this evil empire? Stay tuned for my next post to find out.

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