Curing The Global Political Insanity

This section tackles a problem that plagues our nation at a more troubling level. This section illuminates how Engineering the Economy can help to cure the global, political insanity that erodes our system. Most people are sick of the debates between the right and the left, and people are more divided politically now than ever before. This solution is not putting forth an argument for Capitalism or Socialism as this solution can benefit everyone, regardless of what side you fall on the political spectrum. This is a unique solution that has not been presented before which sets it apart from other broader concepts. Check out the articles down below to learn more.

Still finding it hard to believe that a solution about fixing the economy can solve the global political insanity that ravages our world? Check out Optimizing America, and Jarl’s many other books, that discuss this topic in extensive detail. People are torn between two polar opposite ideals that can seemingly never agree or make any real progress or change. Frustrated, people lose hope and become trapped between a rock and a hard place. This solution is not Republican vs Democrat, or Capitalism vs Socialism, this is a new idea that has not been put forth before. It seeks harmony and seeks to tackle the problems facing our world at its roots.