End War / World Peace

This section can help to address war across the world. With an economy that is functioning properly and in the best interests of the people, rather than the banks, we will no longer be forced into a system riddled with debt that continues to accumulate no matter what we do. Countries can  be freed from their insurmountable debt which can help pave the way towards more prosperous relationships with other countries. We can engineer better trade relations which can help build not only positive relationships with other countries but healthier, richer economies. Browse the articles down below to explore this topic further.

Want more information? Check out Optimizing America and Jarl’s various other books that address the problems facing our world in great detail, offering a genuine solution that could lead to sustainable practices that will lead to a prosperous future for humanity. Ending war and instigating world peace may sound like a distant pipe dream, but by applying small incremental changes to the system we can optimize the world to be freed from the shackles of a debt-bound system and usher in a system that works for all, not just a few.