Healing the Socially Discontent

This section brings to light a deeper more insidious problem facing our world which requires the healing of the socially discontent. People are turning away from each other and constantly withdrawn from investing themselves in the current system which is inherently problematic because that is a necessary factor for ensuring our country functions the way it should. If we could Engineer the Economy to operate for the people using sustainable practices, we could free them from a burdened system that only leads to frustration and disappointment. People can take back their liberty and live the lives they want to live. Read the articles down below to explore this topic in further detail.

Need more convincing? Read Optimizing America and Jarl Jensen’s other books that can help shed some light on real solutions that can lead to a genuine change in our system.

We can create a system that works for the people, not just a few gatekeepers at the top, and create a sustainable future that breeds hope and drives people to innovate and follow their dreams versus crushing them under the weight of uncertainty and promises that fall on deaf ears.