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Ending the Never-Ending War

The military industrial complex needs to be understood by American citizens. Most American’s do not understand what it is and how it works. Let’s begin with how it all got started many, many years ago. During World War II America was threatened by two major global powers: Japan and Germany. In

Banks ARE Evil

Part 1: The Privatization of the Economy:  If the sole purpose of an industry was to replace mankind with technology we would call that an evil industry would we not?  Well, that is the role of the banking industry Part 2: The American Dream is for Bankers: Unlimited credit is

Bankos – The Banking Cartel

Everybody knows about the war on drugs — America’s fight against illicit drugs. It all started when Columbian cocaine poured into Miami. You may be surprised to learn that the drug war wasn’t started to save people from addiction. Instead, it was started to save the economy in Miami. The


There’s a lot of talk about socialism and capitalism in the media lately. Yet — nobody seems to be able to define either. People who want higher taxes are called socialists while people who believe in free markets and low taxes are called capitalists. The dictionary does a terrible job

America’s War on Itself

Tensions between China and America are rising as China is blamed for America’s working class being left behind. A common excuse of politicians today, as they declare ‘trade war’, is that China is taking all of America’s jobs. Yet, China is only a willing participant in America’s fall, on its

America’s Addiction to Debt

America’s Addiction to Debt Back-to-back administrations in the late 70s and 80s were unable to prevent the specter of stagflation from taking over the economy. Although every macroeconomic policy under the sun was attempted, and both Carter and Reagan were undermined by sea change in America’s debt structure, the increasing

A Roadmap for Millennials

A Roadmap for Millennials “Stand up! Be counted!” These are the rallying calls of the motivated and civic-minded young kids — often referred to as millennials — of our country. Their first target? None other than the National Rifle Association (“NRA”,) one of the biggest Goliaths out there. I’ll be the first to admit

The Real Cause of Income Inequality The statistics are abysmal — 50% of Americans have less than $500 in savings. Jobs are going to the poor, but having a job simply means that they go from being poor to being working poor. Having a job does not mean that they

Why Democracy Has Lost Its Value

Political movements encourage people to vote. “Vote! Get out and vote!” they shout. The same edicts are repeated over and over as if democracy itself depends on it. Yet, nothing...

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Where is the Technology Train Going?

Ever wonder where all these ‘technological advancements’ are heading? Hint: NOT humanity. Technology is a product of the banking industry. It is only deployed when it can return the initial...

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The Unrealistic Wealth of Our Nation

The great economist and social philosopher Adam Smith famously observed, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, that the productivity of its people are the wealth of a nation. Precisely!...

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The Truth About Getting Rich

Self-proclaimed experts love to share their “get rich” success stories. They build hype and offer flashy guarantees to get you shelling out cash for their books, tapes, and seminars. “Buy...

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