Bankos – The Banking Cartel

Everybody knows about the war on drugs — America’s fight against illicit drugs. It all started when Columbian cocaine poured into Miami. You may be surprised to learn that the drug war wasn’t started to save people from addiction. Instead, it was started to save the economy in Miami.

The powers-that-be were afraid that Miami’s citizens would invest too heavily in cocaine and not have funds left for anything else. They were wrong. As it turns out, the Miami skyline that we know today was built with laundered drug money. This is because real estate is a fantastic way to launder illicit funds.

The show Narcos actually did a pretty good job depicting the drug flow from Columbia. It was also aptly named. The name Narcos comes from the word narcotics — which means “an addictive drug (especially an illegal one) that affects mood or behavior.” The idea behind the name was that the people making cocaine in Columbia became so powerfully rich that they controlled the country and turned it into a “Narcos” state.

A Different Viewpoint on the War on Drugs

What if we look at the war on drugs a little differently? What if the war on drugs was about money and power and not people getting addicted?

There is another cartel in the world that few people know about, or even realize exists. It’s the banking cartel. The product of this global cartel is money. 

  • Influence. Banks spend more on lobbyists than any other industry.
  • Dominance. If everybody has a loan, then everybody is beholden to the banking kings.

This is significant because all money therefore enters circulation because a loan was granted by a bank. All other economic activity is therefore a result of the loans made by banks.

The King of the Banking Cartel

There is a king of the banking cartel — the American dollar. The American dollar received its dominant status when 44 countries agreed to use the dollar as a reserve currency instead of gold. 

This is like the Columbian cocaine cartel shipping cocaine all around the world to every country. Then, instead of using it or trading it, the countries kept the cocaine in warehouses in case they run out of their own cocaine.

As you can imagine, the Columbian cocaine cartel would become astoundingly powerful if it received the same reserve status for its cocaine as America receives for its mighty dollar.

The Addiction is Real

Banking is more addictive than cocaine. Every single person — no matter if they are rich or poor — is addicted to the banking system. This is because banks influence our mood and behavior in both good and bad ways just like drugs.

  • The amount of money that is spent on rent or a mortgage is directly linked to interest rates.
  • The ability to pay for a meal is directly linked to whether or not a person is employed and how much they make.

All of these things are tied to interest rates through cause and effect like everything else in our world. Our entire existence depends on the decisions commercial banks make in regards to the loans that are approved or disapproved. 

  • Most people do not have a choice when they apply for a mortgage to buy a house.
  • Most people do not have a choice when they use a credit card to make ends meet.
  • Making ends meet and feeding your kids feels pretty good.
  • Not being able to make the mortgage payment is devastating.

The banking system has addicted the world to debt. The war on drugs was supposed to save Americans from addiction. But the truth is that America’s dominant dollar was threatened by a Columbian drug state.

The War of Cartels — What Can You Do?

The fear wasn’t about Miami going bankrupt. The fear was that imported cocaine would devalue the dollar as cocaine swept across America.

The war on drugs is a war of cartels. Narcos verses Bankos.

Until Americans realize they are addicts serving their Bankos masters, things will not change. America and the world will continue to live the life of addiction.

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