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Or are you blind towards it all? The earth is warming, the oceans are dying, deserts are expanding, forests are burning, the ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, storms are monstrous, heat waves are longer and hotter… people are dying. Just turn on the news and there it is, another catastrophic event. But the real tragedy is that
We are told that we are making great progress because we have new technology. The iPhone is hailed as bringing in the mobile revolution yet it seems more like mobile isolationism, today. Everybody wanted a desk job, and it turns out sitting all day is as deadly as smoking. We wanted everything for free, and now we are media slaves
Say those three words – truth, freedom, and economics and many would argue they don’t belong together. Most people’s reality with money and economic status as it relates to the world around them does not feel like freedom.   In America, we grow up believing we live in the Land of the Free. Yet, if you’re like most people in this country, my
If there is one thing everyone wants, it’s economic vision. As an investor, knowing what the economy will do next would lead to significant investment opportunities. On the other hand, there is an even greater benefit to society when the economy can be controlled and therefore predicted.  Even the best economists would admit that they don’t know what’s going to
The notion of a ‘trade war’ between America and China is a hot topic on the tongues of politicians today — and yet it could not be more of an oxymoron. Viewed pragmatically, it is impossible to have a trade war when two nations are happily doing so much business together. As it turns out, the American trade imbalance with
Gone are the days when “a man’s word is everything.” In today’s world, money means more. How about the expression “F-U Money!” The notion behind this idea is that there is an amount of money so large that a person can just turn their backs on the rest of the world and simply not be bothered anymore. This idea has
Political movements encourage people to vote. “Vote! Get out and vote!” they shout. The same edicts are repeated over and over as if democracy itself depends on it. Yet, nothing seems to change.  Or, to the surprise of the voters, even if their candidates win, the world’s problems remain in place with no reasonable solutions on the table or even
Ever wonder where all these ‘technological advancements’ are heading? Hint: NOT humanity. Technology is a product of the banking industry. It is only deployed when it can return the initial investment or the loans from which the money was printed. This narrows technologies future scope. There will be no technology to eliminate poverty because poverty by definition has no money