Dear Humanity — We Have to Talk

We are told that we are making great progress because we have new technology. The iPhone is hailed as bringing in the mobile revolution yet it seems more like mobile isolationism, today. Everybody wanted a desk job, and it turns out sitting all day is as deadly as smoking. We wanted everything for free, and now we are media slaves continually looking for a micro rush of information that pleases us. Everybody is in a personalized media bubble not aware that we’re stripped of our humanity peace by peace.

Technology, automation and artificial intelligence are replacing us and leaving us with a personalized media bubble. You should be thinking matrix here but as it turns out we don’t need to be physically plugged in; a cell phone is all it takes. So pull the cord and stop this technology train.

Unfortunately, the train has no conductor and no way to slow down without risking economic chaos. If I have your attention, then let me point you to what is recklessly fueling technology to advance faster and faster.

The Wealthy Dominate Our Resources

When the top 1% of American households control over 40% of its wealth, it is clear we have a broken economic system on our hands. While we have the power to change our economic system for the better, it seems as though the problems run far deeper than wealth inequality.

Many sectors of public and private life are falling into disrepair, and it is about time we did something about it. The disproportionate wealth of a few allows for outsized loans, and with banks able to print money to back loans there is no loan too big. Take Broadcom’s 117 billion dollar takeover bid of Qualcomm as an example. Broadcom will be working for decades to pay off that loan while many of the stakeholders of Qualcomm have to find something else to do. Just consider this assortment of realities we as a society are facing today because of consolidation and debt financing.

Climate Change Is Here to Stay

Though America does not want to take part in the Paris Climate Accord, we cannot hide from the fact that climate change is fundamentally altering our entire planet.

Politicians know this –and yet they continue to sell their allegiance to oil and gas companies to stay in power by putting jobs first and the environment second. The economy is created political gridlock by making jobs as relevant to the present as the environmental catastrophes of the future. Make no mistakes the politicians aren’t to blame the underlying cause is the monetary policy controlled by the federal reserve.

Autism is Taking More of Our Children

Data has shown a consistent rise in autism or related disorders since the 1970s. According to research from the CDC, one in 150 8-year-olds in the US is living with autism spectrum disorder. While doctors cannot say for sure whether the origins are genetic or environmental, we can safely assume that exposure to pollution every day is not helping.

Why does a big AG like Monsanto push their chemical technology on us? Because it brings incredible profit and they claim the world will run out of food without it.

But the real cause is the money paying politicians to keep the profits rolling. Yet, organic practices have proven scale-able and healthier. Meanwhile, it is getting harder to afford a family, so we wait to have kids until our education and experience garners a decent family life when we are much older. But our genes get older too, and our kids pay for it with autism for life.

No Cure for Cancer? This is Why our Healthcare Costs a Fortune.

If technology is so positive and life-changing, why do we still have incredibly high cancer rates? There is no cure for cancer today, and there might never be. As a society, we should be focusing on solving these more significant issues that negatively affect the quality of life and living standards. The costs associated with healthcare are astronomical for the average American, and yet the insurance companies can get off with making billions every year. Instead of putting funds into more cancer research, our politicians focus on keeping American businesses competitive in the global market. They pour billions of dollars into economic development when hundreds of thousands of people die each year from cancer.

Where is the humanity in that? Let’s face it though, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are all caused by our modern lifestyles.

If society were being optimized for people rather then ‘economic progress’ we would not need to spend billions on a cure. We are all too busy servicing the economic train that is making us sick and is actively looking to replace our human gifts with technological ‘progress.’

Technological Advancement Does Not Improve Standards of Living

If you are looking for the root cause of all these challenges, technology is an excellent place to start. It is clear that for all the assumed benefits brought on by smartphones and e-commerce, the fact is that life is not getting much better. In fact, it’s getting worse.

When automation replaces all manual labor, self-driving cars take the place of truck drivers, and we can order groceries directly to our door, what will we all do with our time? Businessmen will be happy as long as we keep spending mindlessly on things we think we need. And that ultimately ignores the problem of joblessness and worse falsely assume the wealthy will separate themselves from their fortunes. Here’s a clue, the rich have proven time immemorial not to give a damn about you.

Dear Humanity, We Have a Broken System

The economy is structured to serve the wealthiest people and their corporations through asset-based lending by banks.

Also because of the power of the latter, they get tax cuts, they get government bailouts while the average American worker is left without a job and perhaps without a home. As it stands today, most government resources go to helping make corporations more competitive on the global stage. That is not how a government should be allocating its resources. Gradually over the past decades, politicians caved to the demands of the business elite, and now the political system is rigged in their favor. We have to change that. We have to fix a broken system and Optimize America for the betterment of all. Our economy can significantly reduce the affordability of technology by raising interest rates and fundamentally redesigning monetary policy.

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