Why People’s Values and Character Don’t Matter Anymore

Gone are the days when “a man’s word is everything.” In today’s world, money means more.

How about the expression “F-U Money!”

The notion behind this idea is that there is an amount of money so large that a person can just turn their backs on the rest of the world and simply not be bothered anymore.

This idea has a few layers. The first is that the world is transactional and therefore dealing with it is a burden. Second, since everything is transactional, why bother with something if it’s not necessary?

Let’s dig into that idea a little deeper.

What is a Transactional Society?

A transactional society is one in which everything has a price. In this type of society, even something as sacred as love has a price. For example, an intelligent woman won’t choose to even consider a serious relationship with a man that cannot support his family financially. This is simply a consequence of genetics and the desire to raise children.

Shelter, food, and stability are completely dependent on financial well-being. Not having a stable and well-paying job means that you have an inability to pay rent, buy food, provide basic shelter for your family.

Every single essential, unessential, desire, need, or want has a price attached to it. Everything is transactional.

A Look at the Values of the Past

In the past, people were cherished and valued for their character and skills, but not anymore.

Look at historical descriptions of famous people — their character and values were always at the forefront.

  • Jesus forgave.
  • Gahndi was a hero of non-violent disobedience.
  • Martin Luther King was an activist for racial justice.

Now, The Future is Monetarily Driven

In today’s society, we idolize billionaires. We want to know who the richest man in the world is and how much they gave to charity this year. The definition of success in modern society is money — and lots of it. If they donate to charities, that’s a bonus, but either way, it’s all about money.

What changed? Why are people worthless and why do people of worth lack values?

Look at Jeff Bezos, the current reigning champion of modern success and the richest man in the world. His company created software to automatically fire people if they do not meet their objectives.

His approach to the management of human beings and their livelihood is to profit from treating them as worthless and replaceable. He doesn’t account for who they are — only the work that they do.

He doesn’t account for the fact that his software can cost someone their home, the ability to feed their children, or destroyed their futures.

What Does All of This Say About Jeff Bezos?

The legacy of Jeff Bezos is one that shows his transactional values — money — and not the people. Unlike the heroes of the past, modern-day success is about making money, not serving others.

Jeff Bezos is rewarded for the efficiency of firing people automatically. His company stock rose when the Wall Street analysts determined that his software was a cost-saving and lucrative practice.

Modern life doesn’t have room for being of service to others, forgiveness, empathy, and all of the other noble adjectives. Values have been replaced by money. If money can’t represent morality, character, and noble values then it might as well be removed from the dictionary and placed in the history books for once useful terms used to describe good and decent people.

Money Doesn’t Discriminate

When there’s no reason for common decency, racism has a purpose. White people are struggling to get back to the days long-past when simply being white guaranteed them a decent life. This logic is flawed. Even minorities have no guaranteed value in life amongst other minorities.

All people have no value when they don’t have money — no matter what race they are.

Minorities are not the reason that white people are worth less than they were in the past. Transactionalism, Bankism, and the modern monetary system have worked together to make being a human all about money and nothing else.  White people, nationalists, and bigots are incorrectly blaming “them” when they should be blaming the banking system.

Why Blame the Banks?

Harkening back to the days of old… money used to be based on gold. Governments spent the money first and then collected it back in taxes. This process meant that money was a substitute for gold.

Therefore, money had a limited role as a replacement or substitute for gold. Governments were also limited in size and scope because they were constrained by the amount of gold they had on hand in reserves.

Today, money is no longer constrained by gold, it is the substitute for everything. Furthermore, money is not spent into existence by the government. Instead, it is printed into existence to service bank loans. 

Banks make money by making loans. Therefore, anything of perceived value can create money. Even life itself has a price — life insurance. By putting a price on everything, banks have systematically stripped the best parts of humanity out of existence and made everything transactional.

Pills Before Health

One of the most disturbing examples of our transactional economy is healthcare. People are prized more for their sickness than they are for their health.

Pharmaceutical companies profit on the number of pills they sell, not the number of lives they save.

There is no longer a noble purpose to be found in healthcare. There is no money in healing. All of the “riches” are found in illness. A person’s health has no value, but once they are sick, they are a potential gold mine. It costs far more to heal a sick person than it would to prevent their illness in the first place. And of course, our current dysfunctional banking system is right at the center of the world’s healthcare issues.

The Gold Constraint

When money was backed by gold and gold was owned by the government, there was a constraint on our money. There would never be more money than there was gold in the reserve. This meant that most things simply were not for sale, they had a moral value and not a financial one.

A person’s word, their character, had meaning because people did things for each other. They were decent people, not just people looking to make a buck. They believed in karma and goodwill towards others — doing good for someone meant that good would come back to you.

Houses used to be built with the help of neighbors, not through hiring contractors. Money was in short supply and therefore the economy was small and barely grew. This wasn’t a panacea, but it did leave clues as to what has gone wrong in the modern era.

The Worthlessness of Humans

Banks need something of value to base their loans on. A car loan is easy to get because the bank can simply take the car back and recover the loan.

Credit cards are easy to get for people that have good credit records. This means that banks can statistically know that the money they lend out through cards will make a profit.

The shocking thing about everything having a price is that people fundamentally have no value. Being a human is not a transactional quality. A person’s work can have value, but their existence does not. People are inherently worthless.

What Happens When People Are Worthless

There are so many problems in the world. There is a common thread to them that may be the key to solving many of our problems. Immigration, refugees, and extreme poverty are the consequences of human worthlessness.

Nobody would risk their lives to migrate to the US from Central America if they didn’t feel that their lives were worthless. Businesses would not ignore millions of starving families all over the world if they didn’t see them as worthless. People wouldn’t rebel against their governments if they didn’t feel worthless.  The richest man in the world would not condone the upheaval of his own employees if he didn’t see them as worthless.

It’s Time to Bring Nobility Back to Humanity

The answer to bringing back a better world and creating a better future for our children is to take back control of money from the banks. The Federal Reserve should not be owned by commercial banks. Money should be used to enhance our world.

The bank’s motivations are not aligned with humanity. Banks only use their money for their business pursuits, and not to the betterment of humanity.

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