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The United States is responsible for illegal immigrants from Central America crossing the border. Instead of instating the “Zero-tolerance Policy” on unauthorized entry into the United States and detaining and separating parents and children from each other..

Why are you losing your job to automation? Here are some reasons why banks are bad for society, and how they work against us — NOT for us.
People better wake up! Jobs are being lost to automation at an increasing rate…

We live in an economic system engineered to prop up the financial class. Many pockets of everyday life could be optimized if it were not for structural constraints put in place by the bankers, stock brokers, and Federal monetary policy….

The Bretton Woods Agreement was developed in 1944 when delegates from 44 countries came together to discuss how competitive devaluation could be discouraged in favor of stable economic growth….

The statistics are abysmal — 50% of Americans have less than $500 in savings.

Jobs are going to the poor, but having a job simply means that they go from being poor to being working poor. Having a job does not mean that they have prosperity. Meanwhile, income gains are going to the rich….