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The American Civil War was as much an economic struggle as an ideological one. Lincoln often spoke about why slavery had to end in order for American society to actually reflect its founding principles of democracy and human liberty..

The great economist and social philosopher Adam Smith famously observed, at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, that the productivity of its people are the wealth of a nation…

America is creating wealth and not working for it. Even on the surface this statement seems dangerous, but most people can see that its true. Many companies are worth billions of dollars as startups…

Echoes of the Civil War are still being felt today. Although the negative impacts of slavery were outlawed years ago, the rise of automation brings to bear many of the same economic issues…

Are some firms transferring nearer to having extra robots than workers?  Latest research point out a development in that route.

The information: Research from Google Cloud exhibits two-thirds of producers who use synthetic intelligence of their day-to-day operations …..

The statistics are abysmal — 50% of Americans have less than $500 in savings.

Jobs are going to the poor, but having a job simply means that they go from being poor to being working poor. Having a job does not mean that they have prosperity. Meanwhile, income gains are going to the rich….