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Political movements encourage people to vote. “Vote! Get out and vote!” they shout. The same edicts are repeated over and over as if democracy itself depends on it. Yet, nothing seems to change…

You may have heard the expression that ‘there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans’. You may also have defended either side as different….

In a country where the left and the right can’t agree on anything, there is one point most of us can agree on: The United States has never been more divided than it is now.

The attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, gruesomely showed how deep our divisions have gotten.

“Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most conspicuous and sacred responsibility, all talks of the sovereignty of Parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.” – William Lyon Mackenzie King 1874-1950…

We are told that we are making great progress because we have new technology. The iPhone is hailed as bringing in the mobile revolution yet it seems more like mobile isolationism, today. Everybody wanted a desk job, and it turns out sitting all day is as deadly as smoking…..