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Fixing the Environmental Crisis

This section discusses the way Engineering the Economy can help to address serious issues like the current environmental crisis our planet faces. If we could restructure the economy to function properly and in the interests of the people, that would allow the money to be allocated to the proper resources and organizations so we could invest the time needed to figure out a proper and effective solution to climate change. With our money geared in the proper direction, we can help progress society to a more prosperous, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly future. Browse the articles below to explore this topic further.

Still having a hard time buying it? Read Optimizing America and Jarl’s various other books that discuss real solutions to the problems facing our world, including fixing the environmental crisis. As the books depict, many of the issues facing our world revolve around money. We need to create a more efficient system that is no longer bound to a system of debt, but a system that is free and optimized for the people. With a healthy, functioning economy we can allot the proper resources to address the real issues facing our world without first having to consider the burdensome debt weighting the system down.

The Real Cause of Illegal Immigrants from Central America

The United States is responsible for illegal immigrants from Central America crossing the border. Instead of instating the “Zero-tolerance Policy” on unauthorized entry into the United States and detaining and separating parents and children from each other..

The Privatized Economy

Why are you losing your job to automation? Here are some reasons why banks are bad for society, and how they work against us — NOT for us. People better wake up! Jobs are being lost to automation at an increasing rate...

The Massacre at Bretton Woods

The Bretton Woods Agreement was developed in 1944 when delegates from 44 countries came together to discuss how competitive devaluation could be discouraged in favor of stable economic growth....